Stream Monitoring is one aspect of quality control of TV, Cable, and OTT content distribution but it is often augmented by compliance logging that is often mandated by national rule makers in the content delivery space. In this case content distributors are obliged to archive streams for weeks or months just in case there are disputes about offensive language or offensive video. To mitigate these possibilities responsible parties resort to backing up their transmissions. Since the storage in the cloud is relatively inexpensive it makes economic sense to store these files in the cloud.

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ZUMSTREAM has archiving systems with multi-terabytes in the cloud.

  • Implement mass storage farm in our CDN partner
  • Store all designated content in its original resolution or with transcoded resolution with any granularity using the code.

Who can use:

  • Live Event streaming originators
  • Broadcasters looking to store content “offsite”.
  • Anyone needing regulatory compliance

Key Function:

Archiving customer streams for any amount of time and making it easy to retrieve archived files.